Where is the magic solution? Labor Efficiency in Aircraft Maintenance
Written by Mark Schulz on July 12, 2018
When evaluating labor efficiency in aircraft maintenance, the big question that is often asked is, “Where is the biggest opportunity for efficiency? What is the main reason, and how can it be reproduced?” While efficiency in aircraft maintenance labor does have ...

Keys to achieving “On Time Delivery” in Aircraft Maintenance:
Written by Mark Schulz on January 6, 2019
Having real-time information about the status of a maintenance event will give management and a production control department the ability to make real-time decisions. This is the single greatest factor affecting project efficiency: leveraging data and management engagement. Raw data is turned into decision making information that will allow ...
Warning - Do not use this any more
Written by Mark Schulz on July 12, 2018
I recently worked with a client to obtain approval from the Aviation Regulator for the use of Full Electronic Signature. This reminded me that when I was 17 year old and I called a friend who worked for Control Data Corporation. I asked him “How much storage ...
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