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Who We Are

  • A tight-knit, passionate and connected team of seasoned aviation professionals
  • Over 80 combined years of knowledge and experience in aviation maintenance and business strategy

Our Approach

  • We coach and work with you and your team to create and implement a proven tactical, step-by-step plan to transform your Aviation Business
  • ​Leveraging our network of industry pros we will connect your business to the right people who will help you dramatically increase the sales and profitability of your business.


We have been deeply involved in Aviation for decades. 

Over the last 15 years we have been evangelists for compliance simplicity, increased safety, reduced mistakes, increased efficiencies, and instant access to the right information at the right time. 

In our efforts to achieve this, we developed systemic approaches to implement real changes across the Maintenance Value Stream. 

We have learned that successful Digital Transformation relies on FOUR KEY PILLARS:

BELIEF         |        PEOPLE            |          PROCESSES       |       IT SOLUTIONS
That's When We Learned The Biggest Secret To Successful Digital Transformation...

By leveraging digital technology to electronically access airworthiness directives, maintenance manuals, task cards and records across the Value Stream - we were able to significantly IMPROVE

Financial performance
Employee moral
Stakeholder value
Customer satisfaction
We’ve know what works and what doesn’t and now we are on a mission to share our knowledge with business leaders like you who are READY TO MAKE AN IMPACT in aviation.


Combining over 40 years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience

We are seasoned professionals with first-hand knowledge of aircraft maintenance, business strategy and operations. We understand what it takes to build and grow a profitable business in the aviation industry and we are passionate about sharing this valuable knowledge.
Mark Schulz
Mark is the founder of #DigitalAircraft and has over 30 years of experience in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry, working hands-on with Aircraft OEMs in airline operations, engineering, maintenance training, shop and engine operations.

Over his career, Mark has transitioned from being a consumer and user of IT Solutions to being a digital solutions provider. He has a wealth and breadth of industry knowledge, starting and operating Aviation software companies and implementing digital solutions at over 200 Aviation and Aerospace companies.

It is with this strong foundation that he can empower aviation businesses to make a full digital transformation and create efficiencies within Airline Technical Operations and MROs.

Mark holds FAA A&P and Commercial Instrument Multiengine Pilot Certificates. He completed his undergraduate studies in Aviation Technology Engineering at Purdue University before going on to complete his MBA at the University of Denver.
Larry Little
Larry has over 40 years in the Aviation and Aerospace industry, taking a lead role in digital transformation at a large Aerospace OEM and helping to dramatically improve the overall efficiency of engineers and mechanics worldwide.

He has worked extensively alongside over 200 Aircraft OEMs, in airline maintenance and engineering, maintenance training, IT, operations and technical publications.

His experience in aircraft design, maintenance and customer support has earned him a position as a key leader in the aerospace maintenance domain. He has built and implemented advanced cloud-based IT solutions that set the standard for our industry and is an advocate for mobile paperless operations.

Larry holds a degree in Civil Engineering from University of Tennessee and an Executive Masters in Business Administration. Larry is also an accomplished private pilot and enjoys solo flights across beautiful landscapes in his spare time.


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Stefan Fölser, eWingz (Vienna, Austria)

"We worked with #DigitalAircraft and they guided us through a structured process. The results were very effective in expanding our community reach as we are starting up this new business. We would definitely work with them again!" 

Gerry Cutler, Envision Aviation Advisors (Seattle, WA)

"After working with #DigitalAircraft, traffic to our business website went up 3X!"
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